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Upchuck the Vulture

Upchuck is not a basic run of the mill turkey vulture. He’s not only a picky eater but he hates to get dirty. His special Upchuck boots keep him clean when standing in a roadkill meal. He acts and looks older than he is because of his vultural reality experiences in life. When Sweet Tooth ran into him on the road to the Chocolate Mountains and convinced him that a better life was waiting for him, Upchuck took his dummy, Upchuckie, and came to a meeting. After he joined, he was given the job as Sergeant at Arms—standing guard at the entrance of the Club cave, while meetings were in session. His talent is sometimes unsettling for the Chocolate Mountaineers. Since he’s a ventriloquist, they can’t tell if Upchuck is doing the talking or Upchuckie.

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