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Frequently Asked Questions about the Chocolate Mountaineers Club

Why the name Chocolate Mountaineers Club?

What does the Square Foot Symbol mean?

What is the Club's Motto?

What is a Tool-ee?

What is "Children Helping Children" all about?

What does PhB mean?

What is the Chocolate Mountaineers Foundation?

Why is art important? Do I have to know how to do art?

Why should I join?

How old do you have to be to do the Advanced Tool-ee Activity Books?

Unless your Chocolate Mountaineer is six years old (or five years old and mature for their age), it's probably best to start with the Tool-ee Primary Series Books. Click here to learn more about Tool-ees.

Do you have a Club store?

We have a great store and the shelves are filling up. One examples, Fudgie Bearitone--an adorable stuffed toy, just for Mountaineer or you! Click here to visit our Store.

Can I buy the Chocolate Mountaineers Club books in a bookstore?

You sure can! Click here to Visit our store and order your books today!

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