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Education is the key to almost every problem in the world today. With education comes awareness, understanding, acceptance, and tolerance. Having enrolled your children (or perhaps other children) as members in the Chocolate Mountaineers club, you've already shown a willingness to participate in the ongoing education of your child. Parents and caregivers who learn the lessons set forth in Guide Book themselves and lead a life of example will be much better suited to help their children fully grasp the book's true meaning. Through our fun and playful format and with help from our parents and caregivers, these life lessons will become instilled in our children and will become second nature to them.



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TOOLS: These are the items, devices, implements or things used to build and create, and/or repair and fix something.

If you think about it…

Virtues, values, beliefs, and ideas can be the tools used to build and create, and/or to repair and fix a life.

The Chocolate Mountaineers use ‘Tool-ees’ for the young as an educational as well as entertaining format. The new Activity Books or Tool-ees have been specifically designed and formatted for ages two – eight years old. Not only do they contain age-perfect games, mazes, drawings, and special sections, but they also fulfill their primary purpose of teaching and instilling at an early age the core values for life.


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