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How The Club Started

The Chocolate Mountaineers Club was formed to help instill certain values, habits, sense of self, belonging, and direction in life, in children at a young age. It also introduces them to the Arts at an early age. To achieve this goal, the Club embarked on an educational path in order to teach cause and effect, awareness, responsibility, understanding, and acceptance.


The Club Mission

Our Mission is to “Change the world, one child’s world at a time.” The Chocolate Mountaineers Club’s goal is nothing less than members and supporters working together to make the world a better place. That is at the core of the Club’s existence.


The Club Vision

To provide members with direction, self-worth, and a sense of belonging and purpose, from which they will draw upon for their entire lives. The club hopes to accomplish this by providing leadership and guidance to:

    • Parents/Guardians of young children during their formative years (ages two to eight) by engaging them with an interesting and fun format of learning.
    • Instill a core sense of values in children through the club motto Be Good – Do Good and by teaching the club values called Tool-ees through its activity books.
    • Effect positive change, one club member, one parent, and one grandparent at a time.
    • Sponsorships and funding for children’s charities, programs and projects that align with the Club’s core values.



The Original Club Members

When they met, they realized that as a group, they could help, teach, and support each other, as well as have a sense of belonging and identity. With this in mind, they formed a Club for all children and for like-minded people to join. They called it the Chocolate Mountaineers Club.

These twelve characters have been developed with personalities, traits, values, and good habits for children to not only have fun with, but to learn from and emulate. Each character also possess a talent in the Arts such as: music, singing, dancing, painting, writing, acting, and even cooking in order to introduce the Arts to children at a young age.

Click here to learn more about each Mountaineer.

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The Club Name

How Did the Club Get its Name?


brownheart-blue background

Everyone knows the word chocolate—what it means, how it tastes, the thoughts and

feelings that it brings up, good memories, treating one’s self, gift giving and sharing.

Something sweet in life.


Strength, Courage, Direction, Determination,

Self-Reliance, Survival, Preparedness, Health,

Good Choices, Awareness, Acceptance.


Camaraderie, Friendship, Sense of Belonging,

Identity, Purpose, Common or Mutual Values and Direction, Responsibility to and for





The Club Logo

3d-sqft blue background

This is the symbol for

The Chocolate Mountaineers Club.

It is a symbol that goes back in time to the great Architects

in and of history.

What does it mean?

What does it stand for?

In the old days, those were simple questions to answer. It simply was the symbol for a square foot.

Today however, it is more than just a symbol for a square foot. It is a symbol for the 'Right Foot'. The square foot of land in the Chocolate Mountains, included with your membership, symbolizes “Starting children off on the Right Foot.”

The Right Foot for values, disciplines, and awareness.

So, whenever you see this symbol 3d-sqft blue background, you will know that it stands for

The Chocolate Mountaineers Club.

A club built around values, awareness, and more importantly, the Children, the Architects of the future!




The Club Motto


As a saying - it says it all!

Much like the Golden Rule:

“Do unto others, as they would do unto you.”

It’s a Goal!

The Club members have adopted that same principle. A Chocolate Mountaineer follows the motto “BE GOOD–DO GOOD”, by learning the Tool-ees, so they can understand and be aware of the good ways of acting. The Chocolate Mountaineers not only use their knowledge about the Tool-ees to help themselves, but to also help others.

The activity books will also help teach and reinforce the values (Tool-ees) of the club. 






(Perfect Human Being!)

What is a Perfect Human Being?

Perfect according to Webster’s Dictionary:

Lacking nothing essential to the whole; complete of its nature or kind.

Human Being according to Webster’s Dictionary:

Of, relating to, or characteristics of man or mankind. Prone to or marked by the frailties and weaknesses associated with man.

We all have our own ideas and perception of perfection, but our perceptions of perfection aren’t perfect.

Water, skin, organs, bones, hair, so on, and so on, and traits, such as: Love & Hate, Giver & Taker, Generous & Greed, and Likes & Dislikes also make up a human being. We all have these, to what degree is uncertain. It takes all of the above and more, sometimes less, to make a HUMAN.



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